New Hope City: 5150

Year1, Month 3, Week 2

WeenRs and Dicks

The stress of the previous month had finally started to pass, so I invited Gerodd to meet me at my place and we’d go to Pub & Rec and get wasted.

We chatted as we walked and I bought us a couple of dogs from the WeenR truck. I got distracted flirting with the WeenR lady, and apparently by not making the obvious joke I managed to impress her. I got her comlink address and promised to text her.


Up the street, we saw some suit being harassed by NHC ‘s finest. We weren’t going to get involved, of course, but I made eye contact with the guy and gave him a look that said, “Man, cops, ammiright?”

While Gerodd and I traded theories on what the suit might have gotten himself into, we ran right into an angry guy in a lab coat. He clutched the small cooler he was carrying to his chest and started screaming obscenities at us, accusing us of trying to rob him. That would ordinarily earn him a beating, on principle, but with the cops right behind us we just hurried up the street and out of sight.


We were getting near P&R proper, where the drinks would be more expensive, so we stopped by a small bar to get a cheap head-start on our drunk. Unfortunately, the waitress wouldn’t give us the time of day. Finally we went on our way, making a big stink on the way out about the quality of service. (Gerodd flipped a table! That dude is nuts!)


Now Gerodd was all pissy, so he went home. Great. Now I needed a drink more than ever. On to P&R!

Hopefully, the rest of our night would go better.

[Travel Encounter (Chillin’) on the way to Chillin’ Encounter in Pub & Rec in Evening, Street, 5 PEFs]
[PEF 1 = Something?]
[PEF 2 = 3 guys on a hot-dog truck]
[Bought Gerodd a cheap dinner as a party favor]
[PEF 3 = CEO talking to two cops]
[Exchanged pleasantries while passing through]
[PEF 4 = Lab assistant carrying a cooler]
[Bumped him. Accused us of trying to rob him. Cops nearby, so kept moving][FAIL!]
[PEF 5 = Waiter]
[Tried to buy a drink, but got the cold shoulder][FAIL]
[No REP loss, but Gerodd leaves the band. Bummer.]


Ludanto Ludanto

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