New Hope City: 5150

Year 1, Month 2, Week 2

Confrontation and Burglary!

First things first, I needed to get some protection. Almost dying didn’t sit well with me, also I didn’t like Gerodd making me look like a wimp. So as soon as I was able, I picked up an armored jacket. Nothing too fancy, but not ugly, either.

I decided to wait a bit before getting back into the action, to give me a chance to heal and to plan. Finally, the time had come. Word on the street was that a local gang had just sold off a ton of smuggled Star Army guns. With some legwork and some luck, I was able to find out that these guys hid out in a first-ring restaurant called “Supreme”. We stopped by the local bar and I bought us a few rounds for “courage”, and then we started walking downtown.


The guy from that gang

Aw, man! Not this guy again! One of the gangers from last month recognized us and cornered us in an alley between an Aklets Gym and a Green. We talked trash to one another for a minute before the ganger got frustrated and drew on us. His shot went wide and I took the opportunity to duck behind a dumpster. Gerodd, to his credit, just stood there looking like a bad-ass.

Unfortunately, that also made him an attractive target. The ganger plugged him twice, though Gerodd only noticed the second one, which sent him to the ground, clutching his side.

Not to be outdone, I quickly drew my piece and snapped off a couple of shots at the ganger’s center of mass. He dropped with a grunt. I ran over and kicked his gun away, and then gave him a solid kick as well, on principle.

“Dude. Not cool!” he grunted weakly.

As much as that made me want to kick him more, I had to drag Gerodd ’s heavy ass out of the ally and hide before the cops arrived.

Thinking back on it, I really could have handled the situation better. I decided that I should watch what I say to people in the future. At least when I’m sober.

[Pub & Rec, Daytime, PEF 1, LAW 2, Not Drunk]

[Travel Confrontation, 1 REP 4 Ganger, Success, +1 PEP]

[Ganger dies (oops!) but at least nobody called the cops on me.]

[Gerodd recovers normally, Keeping it Together ties]

Turns out that Gerodd was just grazed (wuss), and I was able to convince him (barely) to stick it out. Things would get better eventually, especially if he’d learn to take cover when people started shooting at him.

His laugh made his side hurt, which made him punch me, which nearly changed our plans right then and there. I’m OK, though. :)

We got to Pub & Rec and looked around. Not much happening during the day. Nighttime is when the freaks come out to play. We dropped into a run-down bar for another pick-me-up because, hey, we’re in Pub & Rec, so why not? Then we kept our heads down and our feet moving, trying not to look out of place as we made for the restaurant.

We nearly jumped out of our skins when a dolled-up Razor popped out of an alley beside us. She wasn’t thrilled, either, and I suspect we narrowly avoided getting brain-blasted. But we kept our distance and she kept a tight hold of her purse and everything was fine.

Finally, Supreme was in sight. Time to get our sneak on! We crept around the back of the restaurant and jimmied a lock on a service door, revealing…

…one lonely schmo eating a sandwich in a back room by the freezers. Seems like sneaking in was overkill.

We completely had the drop on this poor guy, and the two of us standing there in the outline of the doorway waving guns around was too much for him. After falling out of his chair he curled up on the floor, so I had Gerogg pick him up lock him in the freezer. We looted the place and found the cash and some booze and a bootleg copy of STARMA 6 for the IntelliStation, which we also took.


It’s all about the credits…

We could hear the poor guy in the freezer bawling as we left.

Then we went back to my place and played STARMA. It was awesome!

Little did we know that the crybaby must have called the cops. Who does that? Now they were out looking for us.

The very next day, two cops came to my place and “invited” me to come talk to them downtown. Silently cursing myself for leaving that jerk alive, I smiled and politely followed them to their waiting squad car.

They grilled me for a couple of hours. They totally thought I did it, but I learned my lesson last time and I politely lied to them about my activities for the last few days.

“No, sir, I didn’t threaten anybody with a gun.”

“No, sir, I didn’t steal from a restaurant.”

“No, sir, I don’t know how that guy got locked in a freezer.”

Frustrated, they eventually let me go. (Whew!)

[Pub & Rec, Daytime, PEF 1, LAW 2, Not Drunk]

[Raid (Burglary), 1 REP 4 Ganger, Success! Gerogg +1 REP!]

[Gerogg is happy and won’t check KiT after the next encounter]



Ludanto Ludanto

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