New Hope City: 5150

Year 1, Month 1, Week 2

Scoping for recruits

It had been nearly a year since I’d first arrived here. Time to make this town mine.

I headed down the street from my apartment to MagaDee’s to get a breakfast burger and to look for new “associates”. The streets were pretty empty this early in the morning, but Lower Polariston is a rough neighborhood, so it’s best to keep your eyes open. Still, no trouble. Just the usual drudges heading for work.

I got the Double Breakfast Blast and juice. While I was eating, I noticed a Zhuh-Zhuh that I’d seen around town before, cracking jokes with a couple of the employees (also Zhuh-Zhuh). I’d heard we share similar interests, so I introduced myself. Basics like me. Aliens, not so much. Plus, I miiiiiight have been a little drunk. Still, I picked up his tab and made enough of an impression that he agreed to work with me.


Gerodd the Zhuh-Zhuh

As we were walking out of the place, still talking, I saw a handful of gangers lurking near the dumpsters. I noticed them pretending not to notice us. As we got near, they reached into their jackets and pulled out pistols. My new buddy Gerodd and I drew and everybody started shooting!


Cheesy Gangers

Gerodd went down in a hail of bullets. I gotta hand it to those monkey-boys though, they don’t drop easy. By luck, a bullet meant for my head whizzed by my ear. I got the message and grabbed Gerodd, dragging him behind a parked car. I could hear sirens from somewhere not too far away.

Seriously pissed off now, I popped up from behind the car and shot the gang leader in the face. One of his gang went down, too. Unfortunately, the bullet-storm I was firing into was too much. I really don’t know how I survived. I woke up in the emergency room sometime later. Freakishly, Gerodd was already up and walking around. Tough guys, those monkey-boys.

Gerodd: Male ZZ Thief, REP 4, FIT 3, PEP 2, SAV 4, Pistol

[Lower Polariston, Early, PEF 2, LAW 1, Drunk(Dim)]

[3 REP 4 Gangers with Pistols, 1 REP 4 Ganger with a Machine Pistol]

[In Sight: Strata 1, Gerodd 2, Gangers 1,2,2,2]

[Failed Chillin’/Robbery encounter. No REP loss. I blame the alcohol.]



Ludanto Ludanto

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