5150: Urban Renewal – New Beginnings

New Hope City, the dirty, displaced and disputed home of transients, criminals, aliens, the ambitious, the disillusioned and the desperate. The rich rule this desert planet’s crowded capital from within their temperature-controlled high-rises while gangs fight over the scraps down below and the working joes just try to stay in the game.

It’s a second chance for many, but it’s not an easy second chance.

5150: Urban Renewal – New Beginnings is a sci-fi immersion game, which is to say a light resource management framework and tools to string together sci-fi urban combat skirmish wargames, but with enough character to almost pass as an RPG. Heck, a string of combat encounters wrapped in a metaplot is how some people play RPGs anyway.

I’ve got 10 years of in-game time for my main character to make a name for himself. A grubby street-hood named Strata Shtelisto, his first priority will be to gather a gang of like-minded hoodlums and then do whatever it takes to retire in style (or, you know, not die.)

New Hope City: 5150